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Why 99% of People Fail on Shopify

Learn the Top 5 Reasons 99% of Shopify Beginners FAIL | And How 3 Secret Hacks can Help You NOT Repeat These Mistakes! by Kevin David.

1) The N Word. It is niche and not found anywhere else. The people who caught it early are those that make money and know when to get out when it is being saturated. For instance is dog collar that is niche like LED dog collar, etc. Don’t sell generic products. No one is going to buy toilet paper from Facebook Ads. When you type in Dog Collar A shows up dog collar army, etc. for instance.

2) Shopify is a real business. It takes time. It takes 100s and 100s of products to test and takes time to build interests. Simply adding a product from Oberlo does NOT = Success Proper Planning and Testing.

3) One and Done. Partner with the correct supplier. Do your diligence in funding an Instagram Influencer to market your products. Find your breakthrough product and never give up. You don’t see months and years of successful companies spent to be succcessful with Shopify.

4) The Golden Ratio: 20% Store Creation / Optimization
30% Product Selection / Iteration
51% Marketing (Email and Paid Traffic)
Don’t be overwhelmed in creating the perfect store and getting no sales. Just spend 20% of your time in the creation and more on the marketing where more than half of your time should be spent on like using MailChimp, etc. You need to spend money to scale the ads quickly and scale the ones that are working while pausing the ones that are not working. Offer products at a cost or even lost to get people into your email list. Give free stuffs.

5) Prioritization. Social Media, 80/20 Principal. Instead of finding the perfect product, what you should be doing is very succinct steps. Finding products that you are happy on and many people are purchasing, and you have checked Google Trends and Snapchat, like golf, bird watching, etc. Get an email papa and a niche that is highly targetted like men’s polos, etc and run Facebook Ads to it. If there are no sales, then choose different products or change the target different audience on FB.

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