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Withdraw some cash from Paypal

Just now, I managed to withdraw some cash from my Paypal into my local bank with the US dollars converted to Ringgit. It was USD63.51 @ 4.29361 = RM 269.68 after deducting RM3 for amounts less than RM 400. This is passive income month after month from my 2 blogs and a PR 2 website. Oh yes, I managed to write 1 article for a Singaporean client for S$8 per article of 750 words. The conversion is rather attractive now but not for my boss who has to pay more for the import of goods in US dollars. My blogs are very influential. Some people just want whatever I write here and get what they want. So you could say, that I am a very influential blogger. But I shudder to think those who could not get their way and silently resent me or become envious. If that is you, then I suggest you don’t come here any more and get out.