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Working from Home

I have been working from home since early 2004 till today. My spouse does most of the main work, drafting quotations, internet bank in salaries for our foreign workers as well as local Chinese workers, checking stock in the store room and driving around to attend interviews, etc. My job is to deal with the computer; any work and gst input into the computer using an online software with payments every 3 months to customs. I save lots of cash on traveling, gasoline, make-up, office clothes, etc. We have been blessed year after year with constant projects to feed our families and pay for the workers. I also get EPF, SOCSO and medical benefits.

Well, I just hope that this year 2016 will bring in more blessings with protection along the roads when we drive around KL and North-South Highway. It is beyond my wildest dreams to be able to work from home and earn like an executive in a factory.