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Buy Dividend Stocks

If you want to buy stocks, go for dividend stocks with a dividend yield of about 10%. If you keep collecting the dividends for 10 years, it would have paid for the stock and anything beyond that is net profit. There are a few formula to consider when deciding to choose dividend stocks. Some people depend on the cash received from the dividends for their livelihood.

If you are an accountant, investing in shares will be much easier as you would be used to number crunching. The current ratio is a test of a company’s financial strength. It calculates how many dollars in assets are likely to be converted to cash within one year in order to pay debts due during the same year. You can find the current ratio by dividing the total current assets by the total current liabilities.

By investing in dividend stocks, you should look out for dividend yield of more than 2%. Dividend yield is calculated as annual dividend price over the price per share of the stock. Look out for dividend stocks that pay consistently every year. This means that the company is making profits annually and sharing its profits with shareholders.

As a shareholder, you are just like the owner of the company. Stock trading involves understanding the business and nature of the company well and not just simply invest without any knowledge whatsoever about the business nature.

Marketing is the Lifeblood of your Business

For any business to survive, you need to do some form of marketing or advertisement to spread the word around. For instance, in online marketing, your new web site will not be noticed if you don’t do any promotion to spread the word around about your products and services. You need to invest some money into advertisement and marketing so that you can get traffic which could potentially turn into clients for you.

When people come and visit, they could be interested in what you have to offer and thus buy on the spot from your web site. You can sell info products or tangible items with a shopping cart installed, with safe and secure payment gateway. Marketing will catalyse and propel your business to greater heights of success and visibility. The word will be spread fast like wild fire on the world wide web if you own a web site selling products like tangible items or even info products such as reports, ebooks and such.

You need to spend one third of your investment in developing the web site, one third in maintaining the web site and the final one third in marketing and promotion. This is how you should allocate your resources equally, as a benchmark. Even in my business, I do postage marketing extensively. Each postage of a calendar and marketing letter with 80 cents stamps attached cost about $1.50. But the returns are much higher should we be successful in clinching a project which costs tens of thousands or somewhere in that region.

So, it does not take rocket scientists to figure this out that marketing is key to the success of your business – be it online or offline.

Contemplating a Franchise Business

Some months back, I was contemplating a sandwich franchise business in Malaysia. The renovation cost comes to about $400,000.00 and this does not include the kitchen ovens, tools and utensils. Moreover, you have to pay 10% franchisee fees for every meal bought by patrons. Although it is the world’s biggest food franchisor in the world due to its low start up capital at $45,000.00, we decided to shelve the idea because too much is at stake.

We have the finances, but not the time to dedicate this business full time and concentrate on it 100%. It is like a marriage. You need to put in 100% effort and commitment to see it through to success. As we are currently in the sports business, we cannot allocate more of our commitment and concentration to be diluted to the food franchise business.

The issue is that we cannot be everywhere attending to different businesses. It is not good to be Jack of all trades but master of none. If we commit to a business, say sports, then we need to have targeted laser concentration on the said business. Don’t try to do everything and branch into different types of businesses where you cannot possibly concentrate fully.

This sandwich franchise business is sprouting everywhere all over the country. It is a very popular brand and easy to clean up, since no cutleries are required, other than paper wrappings that can be thrown away easily. Hence, cleaning up after a meal is easy peasy – as opposed to dining in Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets where the bones, skin and what not have to be removed and table wiped clean.


Happy Deepavali to my Readers

KLCC Kolam

KLCC Kolam

Happy Deepavali to all my Indian readers here! The kolam above was taken in KLCC Suria at the ground floor recently, during my stay at Mandarin Oriental Hotel for business. The theme isĀ  peacock and you can see the designs similar to the peacock feathers. Peacocks are significant creatures during Deepavali. Most of the kolam theme is based on this magnificent bird.

Mandarin Oriental  Kolam

Mandarin Oriental Kolam

The kolam above was taken at the lobby of Mandarin Oriental Hotel recently. Here is to wishing a festivity of light and success to all, especially the Indians of this nation. Malaysia is a kaleidoscope of cultures of Chinese, Indians and Malays. It is rich in heritage brought down by our forefathers. This tradition has continue for more generations down the line.

Holiday Villa Subang Kolam

Holiday Villa Subang Kolam

This splendid kolam was shot at Holiday Villa Subang hotel during our project visit there. We have existing business project here and while waiting for my colleague, I decided to take the liberty to snap this amazing photo of the peacock kolam. There is a styrofoam design of the life size peacock on this beautiful structure. Enjoy your holidays and merry feasting! I am going to E & O hotel later to have buffet dinner at Sarkies Corner.

Blue Ocean Strategy

In blue ocean, there are plenty of fishes and there is no competition, unlike red ocean where competition is very fierce. So, when we do business, we have to pick a niche where there is plenty for everyone and hardly any competition around as in the blue ocean. However, in any prospering business, competition may come from your own workers who have learnt the tricks of the trade, come out and compete directly with you, sometimes even taking along your former clients and contacts. It happens everywhere.

However, this can be prevented with discerning boss who knows how to take precaution and keep secrets away from workers. You cannot trust them completely! Sooner or later, they will still come out and join venture with other workers to compete with your business. To maintain the blue ocean strategy, it would be wise to hire a separate worker to handle all the imports and contacts from suppliers and keep this a top secret from your installers who are the biggest threat.

If you are in the supplier material business, it would be advisable to remove the source contacts and emails of the labels on the products. At times, competitors may pose as a potential client to check out your products and ask for samples. This is where a wise boss will try to remove all information of the source of material from the samples so that your competitor or whoever contacted you will not be able to contact your source directly and compete fiercely with you. It happens every where, and you cannot presume that the email origin is from a genuine client, but could potentially be from your competitor, out to check and try to benchmark you.

At Mandarin Oriental

I am now at Mandarin Oriental for 1 night. Will meet up with a client later this morning and also took some pictures of scenic kolam, since Deepavali is just around the corner. Business is fine so far but it can still be improved with more drivers in our team of workers. Right now, we are short of drivers to bring the workers all over Kuala Lumpur for the different projects.

A night at Mandarin Oriental is $1,200, but with the Elite membership with discount vouchers, we pay $696 net with taxes total. It is just next door to KLCC where I had dinner and lunch. KLCC is the premier shopping centre right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur that carries branded labels like Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Tods, Prada, and so much more.

What I like about Mandarin Oriental is its exclusivity and prestige. It also has very cosy bed and furnishings. You will be given complimentary cookies, plain milk and a bar of chocolate sprinkled with dried fruits like peaches, raisin, orange peels, nuts, cherries and such. There is also the welcome basket of fruits to whet your appetite for main course dinner downstairs on the second floor, at a Chinese restaurant.

The japanese restaurant is located on the basement, beside the car park. As members of the Elite club, you get complimentary meal for 2 at Wasabi Restaurant, the only Japanese restaurant in Mandarin Oriental. I think, I shall renew the membership for next year.

Hello world!

This is my first WordPress Blog! Quite satisfied that it was installed properly with a functional theme. This blog is to showcase my business life, wisdom and scriptures from the Bible or just anything under the sun. I have picked up a skill or two from my kids in using the computer and this will help me pen down my thought as they come along in this journal of mine. It is a hobby I have recently learnt and it will keep me occupied, other than being glued to the telly most of the time.

Be patient with me as I develop this blog and update it at least twice weekly. Hopefully, repeat visitors like yourself will come here often for updates and new posts. About me, I am a busy businesswoman who travels frequently within Malaysia who is glued to the internet and hopes to set up an online store one day. When not working, I will chill out with a glass of wine or two while watching Astro in my condominium. My children are grown up and ready to leave the nest.

Okay, I shall stop here for now.