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Going to Ipoh Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I shall be visiting 2 different places for business in Ipoh. We will set off at 10am to meet up with the first potential client and then another one after lunch at 3pm. Have to use GPS to guide us through rather than navigating via a map. In the good old days before GPS, we had to use our brains and figure out the directions of the map step by step. Now, with the convenience of GPS installed as an App on iPhone, it is easy peasy with voice directions along the trip. Just read in the press, that 400,000 workers will be jobless in China when its steel factory closes down. Furthermore, Shell will axe 10,000 jobs this year. Recession has started in Singapore in 2016. It is time for austerity drive and not to spend frivolously.

Now in Kuala Lumpur

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur just 2 days ago for business. We visited a site which took 45 minutes by car to reach at Seminyih from Subang Jaya. On the way back, we went to IOI City Mall situated halfway along the journey. Boy, it was huge with lots of walking space for the patrons and it has a revolving Chinese New Year blossom tree right smack in the main atrium. If I am not wrong, there were 5 floors of shopping lots with a skating ring on the side. Our relative, who is the sole distributor for Brooks, opened a store on the 3rd floor. Just pay it a visit if you happen to drop by IOI City Mall. After that, we drove to Daiman Mall in Subang Jaya to see its furbishings and new shop lots. Jaya’s Grocer was there with a bigger space as compare to Main Place. After browsing around for a few minutes visiting almost all the floors, we chilled out at Starbucks and got red packets for purchase above $28.

Success Begets Success

The Bible tells us not to sleep too much nor enjoy life too much, or else poverty will come upon you like a bandit. We have to work hard with our hands and follow the habit of the little ant – storing up food for winter while the lazy grassphopper prefers to sing and laze around during summer and come to hunger during winter. So, likewise, in our prime of youth, we should work hard to save up for our retirement in time to come. As they say “Success begets Success” and how true this statement is with regards to our lives in general. When you are successful, you will always think of ways to optimise your savings like putting into Fixed Deposits for higher returns that is guaranteed; unlike playing in the stock market which has the roller coaster financial effects.

Withdraw some cash from Paypal

Just now, I managed to withdraw some cash from my Paypal into my local bank with the US dollars converted to Ringgit. It was USD63.51 @ 4.29361 = RM 269.68 after deducting RM3 for amounts less than RM 400. This is passive income month after month from my 2 blogs and a PR 2 website. Oh yes, I managed to write 1 article for a Singaporean client for S$8 per article of 750 words. The conversion is rather attractive now but not for my boss who has to pay more for the import of goods in US dollars. My blogs are very influential. Some people just want whatever I write here and get what they want. So you could say, that I am a very influential blogger. But I shudder to think those who could not get their way and silently resent me or become envious. If that is you, then I suggest you don’t come here any more and get out.

Working from Home

I have been working from home since early 2004 till today. My spouse does most of the main work, drafting quotations, internet bank in salaries for our foreign workers as well as local Chinese workers, checking stock in the store room and driving around to attend interviews, etc. My job is to deal with the computer; any work and gst input into the computer using an online software with payments every 3 months to customs. I save lots of cash on traveling, gasoline, make-up, office clothes, etc. We have been blessed year after year with constant projects to feed our families and pay for the workers. I also get EPF, SOCSO and medical benefits.

Well, I just hope that this year 2016 will bring in more blessings with protection along the roads when we drive around KL and North-South Highway. It is beyond my wildest dreams to be able to work from home and earn like an executive in a factory.

Happy New Year!


Here is to wish you, my dear readers, a Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2016! Well, as I have said, I have not set any resolutions for myself but just keep on going, doing the things that I love and continue to work from a home office. As long as God blesses me with good health for me and my colleagues and boss, we are able to overcome the odds and deliver work to our clients around Malaysia. 2015 had been a good year for me and I wish likewise for this year 2016. Without any children in the picture, we are able to travel anytime, plan for local holidays in any hotels and drive long distances to commute between Penang and Kuala Lumpur for business and work.