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Best cryptocurrency ICO investment for 2018 Washington Exchange

Washington Exchange (WASH) a decentralize trading platform, which knows the problem in crypto it’s unstable and underdeveloped 2018 has been very exciting with these massive price gains but there is a tons of technical development that needs to be completed before crypto become mainstream. One of our goals at Washington Exchange is to make the general population more informed about cryptocurrencies and their advantages and safety. Best cryptocurrency ICO investment for 2018 Washington Exchange.

There are various decentralized exchanges in the market that are being used, Washington Exchange Decentralization offers multiple benefits, making it the best ICO of 2018:

-Identity theft. In the centralized trading platform, we give out our identity, credit card information, bank information and more to everyone we do business with. Through the power of cryptography this is no longer necessary.

-Banking Cartels. Large organizations have no need to keep things private. The power of this technology allows everything to be out in the open without compromising any aspect of security. In the traditional centralized systems, security is used as an argument to keep all of their information and your information locked away

-Unbanked. There is no reason any longer to keep the poor and unbanked from participating in the global economy. Capitalist-minded financial services no longer play an overpowering part in their exclusion and freedoms.

Open and transparent. All transactions occurring on the network and all code used within the network are open source. This allows anybody to inspect, copy and improve upon it.

-Incorruptibly secure. The traditional financial systems are centralized, this can be infiltrated by hackers or robbers attempting to tamper with your funds. It also has the potential to become corrupted or coerced. With a decentralized system everyone keeps full control of their funds.

-24/7 System. A decentralized exchange is a global service without any borders, available to any member of the free internet. Servers operate on every corner of the globe at all times of the day. This also allows for minimal transactions costs.

Washington Coins (WASH) are very low in supply, and this will never change. They are 1000 times as scarce in comparison to other exchanges. As demand inevitably rises through the trading of our coins, the number of coins will remain the same and never be increased, there are 9,000,000 available, as oppose to the billions available in other forms. Washington Exchange is a unique exchange with no single institution, person or server, and as such it has no single point of failure. With our decentralized exchange there is no need to trust any single authority. We fully understand that exchange is a venture with its own risks. With this in mind we have fully invested in expertise and advisors who will continuously help in assessing the possible risks, as well as creating ways to address them. In our current climate of digitalization, online security is of our key concern. Best cryptocurrency ICO investment for 2018 Washington Exchange. Our systems at WASH are highly secured and always guaranteed no possibilities of hacking. Washington Exchange and Coins are undoubtedly the number one profitable alternative exchange and coin available on the market. Best cryptocurrency ICO investment for 2018 Washington Exchange.

Coin Details
Name: Washington Exchange
Symbol: WASH
Token Contract Address: 0x5b8c5c4835b2b5daef18079389fdaefe9f7a6063
Pre-sale starts in: April 20th and End in April 25th
Normal Sale Start: April 25th and End in May 25th

Official Link
Official Website – http://washingtonexchange.io
Official Telegram – https://t.me/washingtonexchangeofficial
Official Twitter – https://twitter.com/washingtonexoff
Official Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/washingtonexchangedex
Official Bitcointalk – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3196451.0

Avoid Neha Nursing Home

My dad stayed in New England Home Agency (NEHA) near Adventist Hospital for 9 days and before 2 weeks are up, we decided to bring him out immediately to another home that I shall not reveal, but is better run by a Chinese couple with 3 branches. Neha’s nursing aide claimed to be a qualified nurse when we interviewed her. Suvi is the name and in her Whatsapp group message, it says, “Stay away, I’m Dangerous (plus a sign of a syringe)”. She got dad’s medication all mixed up and no wonder, Dr Goh, who has Parkinson’s disease, died after 4 months of stay there. The Indian helpers are also very dirty, using their wet hands to handle food after clearing their nose. It is run by an Indian Doctor who is well known for giving out MCs (medical certificates) at patient’s whims and fancies.

Also the RM 5,200 for 1 month’s deposit and less than 2 weeks of stay month’s of stay, the doctor promised to give back 1 month’s deposit of RM 2,600. Now he is going to deduct another 10 days of stay from the date of notice (eg 12th March) where dad shifted out to 1 month in April, say 12th April. So instead of getting back RM 2,600, we will receive only RM 1,760.00 for 9 days of stay!

There is also a female patient with Alzheimer’s disease, who yells out at random, making the place more ‘lifely’.

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