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Merry Christmas 2018


Today is the first month of Christmas. Have you done your shopping yet? Stay tuned for another Bible Giveaway! This time it is 30 Days to Understanding the Bible! There will be just one giveaway coming soon in January. I will post a blog about it and announce the winner soon from the comments. The last giveaway was a blast! Unfortunately, my apologies I could not give to all of you due to the limited copy of just one per comment for residents of the USA only.

For this month, dad will undergo a heart bypass on 5th and admitted on 2nd in a semi-private hospital. We will stay in a nearby condo and visit him for 16 days, as it takes about 10 days to recover after the surgery without complications. Since dad is now 81 years old, he is considered high-risk. 75% will survive the heart bypass at this age where they will take a vein from his leg and replace his clogged arteries. Thank you for your prayers in advance.

And Merry Christmas in 2018, the season’s greetings, the time of giving and receiving is here!