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Get $120 from Using my Referral Link for Airbnb

Airbnb logo banner

If you are looking for homestays and hotel stays, then check out Airbnb which is much cheaper than that I also have a referral code. The logo above is the Airbnb flagship design which I personally think looks like a female’s genital! Anyway, I am sure the design must have attracted many people to try this staycation which changes the landscape and the way people book and stay in hotels and homes via a robust website.

If you sign up via my affiliate link HERE, you will get $120 while I will get $60 for referring you. My youngest sister did the ‘detective’ work checking out the best value for our impending stay in KL for at least half a month in December due to dad’s bypass surgery in IJN (National Heart Institute), which won numerous awards worldwide.

Airbnb living room

Being in the civil service as an English teacher in government schools, he gets his pension for life and benefits like free stay and medication in the government clinics and hospital.

Again, click below for the referral link to sign up and get $120.

Sign up via AirBnB HERE to get your FREE $120

Airbnb offers Vacation Rentals, Homes, Experiences & Places. You can click on the link above to see offers, reviews by signing up for a new account. If you would like to travel and go for a cheaper holiday these coming year end, then click on the link above to get your Free $120 just by booking a suitable homestay or hotel that suits your budget and number of guests. You can select the dates and you pay a portion to confirm while the balance is to be paid upon checking in to the unit or accommodation. You can also choose to pay in full.

AirBnb homestay and hotel stay

You can also sign up to become a host or end up as super host with many 5-star reviews. There are Beautiful homes with Exceptional hosts and Verified for quality. And best of all is that the price is just a fraction of what charges. Moreover, Airbnb was the pioneer in the way people book hotels worldwide without actually owning the hotel or condominium and homes. It is the biggest home booking system in the world. According to a May 11, 2018 report by Forbes, Airbnb is expected to generate revenues of $3.8 billion in 2018. Forbes also applies a revenue multiple of 10 for Airbnb, based on the following: Airbnb raised funding in 2016 and 2017 which valued the company at $30 billion and $31 billion, respectively.

AirBnb homestay

Beautiful Sunday with Funky Green Male Animation sung by Daniel Boone

Don’t you just love the male green animation and lady in green costume pair dancing to the song of Beautiful Sunday? It’s a bit hilarious and a little arousing! It’s like a karaoke too with the lyrics of the song shown at the bottom of the screen. So, for those having Sunday today, hope you enjoy this clip. It is indeed a beautiful Sunday, but we were pretty busy having a final lunch together as a family before admitting dad to a semi-private hospital for a heart vein bypass to be done on 5th Dec on a Wednesday. I hope and pray everything goes well together and that God will guide the hands of the cardiothoracic surgeon for a smooth operation.

Dad will be there for another 10 days to recuperate and hopefully, he can go home soon and no longer stay in a nursing home. The night before, we had a seafood buffet dinner at MO. It was enjoyable and there was a wedding going on at the same day.

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