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Big Bear Cool Cabins – Pay for 3 and Get the 4th Night Free Over the Thanksgiving Holiday

Big Bear Cool Cabins

I confirm that this is a sponsored post that adheres to FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION 16 CFR Part 255 of the USA.

From Dealspotr Exclusive, just Pay for 3 nights and Get the 4th Night Free Over the Thanksgiving Holiday at Big Bear Cool Cabins. Located within the forests and near the roads, Big Bear Cool Cabins has a cosy ambience of earthy wood built up with wooden fixtures and such. It is a great escapade during the coming Christmas Season and Thanksgiving Holiday from the hustle and bustle of city life and the daily grind of work, family, stress, etc. It is time to rejuvenate in a quiet Big Bear Cool Cabin to reflect and have some solitude to ‘recharge your batteries’.

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Big bear cool cabins lake front

For the well-heeled, there are also Big Bear Cool Cabins with Lake Front that comes with a stunning view of the lake, flora and fauna and Mediterranean climate right in the forest with road access, of course! There are different sizes of Big Bear Cool Cabins to cater to different people from couples, small families to a bigger group or company staffs paid for by the corporation for their much-needed vacation. You can choose what you like from the links above and see what suits your time, date and availability for the holidays over Thanksgiving.

You can check out their homepage in >> Big Bear Cool Cabin Home Page. You can book directly and choose whether you want lakefront cabins, pet-friendly cabins, lodges, hot-tub cabins, lift and lodges packages and more vacation rentals. Below is their logo and look out for it.

Big Bear Cool Cabins Logo From the site, it is dynamic. You can sign up with your details and choose your dates and pick the right size cabin to suit your needs and those of your family member and friends for a great get together and reunion. One will be spoilt for choice given the dozens if not hundreds of photos listed to choose your favorite Big Bear Cool Cabin. There is also safe and secure payment gateway using your credit card to book and confirm your booking prior to your stay during the coming holidays. I think, personally, it will be time well spent and money well-invested for a good recreation after all the stress of work at the small cubicle in the office, for most of us. We can identify with working plus balancing with having a family and managing small kids. All these daily grinds will surely wear us off one day.

Hence it is time to pamper your loved ones with a Big Bear Cool Cabin vacation rental nearby to escape from the 9-5 job. Personally, I guess, you won’t regret it.

Why You Must Visit Legoland, Johor

Legoland Hotel

Above is the entrance to Legoland Hotel, located in Gelang Patah in Johor Bahru. The building is painted in blocks of various colours depicting the ubiquitous small toy blocks that you construct and build into a structure. The hotel is beautiful, well furnished and maintained for repeat customers.


This decoration is inside the lift or elevator which was about to open. You will notice Lego characters fill up the entire doors and there is also a ‘disco’ light ball at the top of the elevator rotating while reflecting pieces of blue light surrounding the insides. You will have a feeling of entering into a discoteche with moving lights jiving to the music.


After parking your car, and exiting from the car park inside the hotel, you will see this colourful collage of paintings that are hand drawn in a multitude of vibrant colours that stretches for a long distance as you walk toward the entrance to Legoland Park. There are various packages for families or tourists with different prices and for a senior citizen above 60, you get to pay only RM 122 or so while for the disabled, it is only RM 90.


These are blocks of Legoland chips built into characters of a short stomach-bulging tourist carrying luggage bags and a little girl showing her creations. To make it more real, fake cameras are hung around his neck for eye candy. They are certainly pleasing to the eyes. In Legoland Park, you will see many of such characters placed at strategic places as attractions.


There are restaurants inside as well and the tickets come with free RM 10 meal voucher for you to rest and relax while having a cuppa or cake inside. Near the entrance, there is also a souvenir shop with a wide repertoire of selections to buy like colourful themed towels, t-shirts for posterity, toys for children and the like. This picture of a Malay mother with ‘tudung’ or head scarf and a child reflects the culture and people of Malaysia.


This is project X where there is a thrill-seeking roller coaster for the free rides. You can go for as many rounds as you like since there were hardly any queue during the off peak season. At the end of the ride and as you exit, you can see and buy your photos taken during the scariest park of the ride with your mouths go gaga. The photos cost RM 60 for 2 and they promote it as buy 1, get free 1 of the same photos with covers.


This is a big floor to ceiling 1-storey height of Albert Einstein, the famous inventor and late scientist whose famous name has been inked in history and for future generations to learn from. The artist who built Mr Einstein must have painstakingly connected the Lego small blocks into a huge structure resembling the well-known scientist.


Inside Legoland Hotel is a nice pot of flowers constructed from Lego blocks resembling the real thing.


This is inside the Legoland hotel where you can see a mini castle of sorts in the lobby and surrounded by children with seats for adults to view and watch their kids playing.


There are thousands of mini blocks for toddlers and kids to play with and exercise their hand-eye coordination for dexterity as they construct the mini blocks into something bigger. This wraps up our visit to Legoland in Johor and we will surely come back to stay in the hotel when time permits, even for 2 adults who are young at heart.

Interesting Places to Visit at Penang Hill


This is Penang Hill’s entrance, the most and only famous hill patronised by tourists worldwide in Penang. There is Bellevue Hotel right at the top since time immemorial and I am not sure if they have also refurbished the old hotel, but under DAP’s rule, things have certainly look much better than it was before with more attractions and improvements.


Waiting time is about 20 minutes or less with a long queue; hence the train is much faster now. When you reach to the top, this is the view you will encounter as you disembark on the left side of the train if you are facing the hill. There is Owl Museum and Cliff Cafe.


If you would take a walk up to the top of the above structures, you will encounter ‘Love Locks’ similar to the one in Paris’ Love Lock Bridge. But this is safer and will not weigh down the metal holders as they are made of pink plastics. You can sign on the pink love locks with your name and that of your loved one or husband or spouse to seal your eternal love and bonding. Simply look for an empty one.


Tired of walking? Just pay RM30 for the buggy service with a tour guide cum driver to ferry you around the place and along the way, you can see a few privately owned mansions atop the hill, with one supposedly owned by Ananda Krishnan, Maxis’ head honcho, a Malaysian businessman and philanthropist. Nicknamed A K, currently he is estimated to have a net worth of US$7.9 billion according to Forbes’ latest annual report.

At the end of the route, there is Monkey Cup walk-about tour with commentary from a guide. For the adventurous, you can also access Penang Hill by hiking up via Moon Gate in Tanjung Bungah or take a 4-wheel drive or SUV up the hill road.


Take a walk in Penang Hill’s latest experience called ‘The Habitat’, experiencing breathtaking vistas of a fragrant jungle walk.


After some walking around and viewing ‘The Habitat’, you can have your food at Cliff Cafe near the train station.


This is a banner showing the wide repertoire of delicious desserts ranging from RM4 to RM20 to choose from. The local desserts will quench your thirst after some exploration around the hill.


Inside the Cliff Cafe are 2-3 souvenir shops selling a plethora of fridge magnets, including Hard Rock Cafe Penang t-shirts, plus a host of other memorable items. The ambience is made of wood and you could feel like you are in Papa Rich Restaurant, well known for its wooden interior.


After a round of chendol at the Cliff Cafe, take a walk downstairs to Owl Museum. The first museum of its kind in Southeast Asia, the Owl Museum displays a collection of owl-inspired artifacts, sculptures and paintings created by various artists across the continent. There are souvenirs related to owls including t-shirts and fridge magnets for the buying.


At the exit of Owl Museum, take some flights of stairs up to reach another food cafe where you can see hand wax art as shown above. Simply dip your hand into the warm wax for it to form the shape and the process is fast with your model hand wax finished in a jiffy. You can make your own hand wax creation in various colours too.


As you come out from Cliff Cafe, you will hear loud chirps of a cockatoo and a blue-and-yellow feathered parrot that seems to call out “come take photos with us”. For RM15 you can take your favourite photos holding the birds. There is also an iguana in a cage for the bold-hearted and a python which we did not see.


On the way up from exotic pets instant photo taking, you can walk up to an upmarket restaurant called David Brown’s Strawberry Hill @ Penang Hill. We had the signature dish – chicken and mushroom pie for RM48 with Virgin Pina Colada without alcohol and a cappuccino for RM94 total, including 6% GST and 10% service charge.


There are several binoculars at RM1 for 2 minutes of viewing at the viewing deck. Stools of various heights are catered to children of various ages for them to see the whole of Georgetown. Perched atop Penang Hill at a breathtaking 800 meters above sea level, visitors will literally get a bird’s eye view of the island.

As you walk nearer to the train station, there is a high lift to take you down to the ground, around 2-3 storeys height, instead of using the long stairs for more nature walk. And if you are tired, just head for the lift up again. There are rest rooms at the station before taking the train down back home again. That wraps up your visit to Penang Hill.