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Down South

I am now in KL for business and will stay for 4 days until Monday. I reached here on Friday yesterday afternoon and went to see a client before calling it a day and drove back home in Rhythm Avenue. There are a few restaurants here which have operated for a long time already and are quite established with repeat patrons. I think it is a better place than Main Place which is too pricey for me. Both Rhythm Avenue and Main Place were abandoned projects under the Barisan government in Selangor and then revived to completion under the Pakatan leadership. I am pleased that Pakatan is doing well and really cares for the citizens and their financial problems. Lim Kit Siang personally took it upon himself to visit widows and widowers who have lost their spouse and network of financial support. He does not mind travelling from Penang to Johor just to comfort a person in distress.

This is his caring trademark that is now followed by his son, Lim Guan Eng. I just hope Pakatan will continue to rule more states and offer more benefits for the common people with their individual problems just to put food on the table and the struggles just to survive and get by day by day for all races, regardless of religion or creed.