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Planning to go to Penang, Phuket, Krabi Cruise

I am currently planning to go to Penang, Phuket, Krabi Cruise for 4 days 3 nights via Libya Star Cruises by Genting. For 3 persons in July, the cost will be $4,016 including port taxes and GST. But my dad may not go this time leaving just me and mum. We may go later, but for the moment, the date of departure is not ready yet in the system for online booking. There will be cabaret show on the cruise and a small circular swimming pool. I have never taken Star Cruises and this will be the first time for this experience. With my partner, I have taken a simple cruise to nowhere for 1 night stay only plus gambling on board the ship. We were woken up at midnight to gamble and I won $5 on my first try before retiring to bed as it was the policy to gamble the whole night through for this particular cruise to nowhere.