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From zero to $10 million in four years

The Sydney Morning Herald published an interesting article about Sabri who make from zero to $10 million in 4 short years! Check out more information at kingkong.com.au review. This is a success story that people want to read and get motivated to take action and use Sabri’s services of digital marketing to reach a wider audience.

Never overlook the power of the internet to reach the masses and global audience using simple tricks and actions. You could either do it yourself or get a professional who has done it and gone through the ropes to do it for you. King Kong’s model works by developing a profitable sales funnel using social media. Now, this is some food for thought for you.

Just Came Back from Down South

I just came back from KL by Firefly which is a small propeller plane for domestic flights. We were given a choice of curry puffs or peanuts and drinks like soya, sky juice or orange juice. Arrived there early in the morning to meet clients and for interview. Bought Business Today magazine and Focus as well. Had lunch at Fish and Co and dinner at Subway Sandwich. Feeling a little tired now but need to update this blog and perhaps if I am in the mood, look into my Shopify store. I messed up the categories as I was trying to remove the double menu and in my haste this morning, I make more mistakes. Later have to figure out how to solve this problem as I just changed to a new paid theme. The free Debut theme was easier and more user-friendly.