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Tyler Perry – How I became a Millionaire Success Story

The website above is no longer around, but the tips are nuggets of gold. Success doesn’t come on a platter of Gold, it takes a conscious effort to succeed. You have to wake up early and work at it, while others are snoring away. Check out Tyler Perry’s success story from the infographic above. One of the tips is to start a business and duplicate it worldwide. For instance, good examples are Subway and McDonald’s franchises that are doing extremely well around the world. Diners patronise these outlets and food branches while enjoying the ambience and surroundings.

Also, stop wasting time on TV, Games, entertainment, Karoake, etc. Poor people have large TV, while rich people have large library. So, what you do with your time, makes a lot of difference to your bank account.

Save 40% of what you make and invest it for higher returns compared to low Fixed Deposits at the highest rate of 4.38 currently. You can make more returns by investing in shares if you have the basic knowledge and check the online counter frequently. To invest in shares, you also need to have holding power and not be too emotional.

Also, stop buying things that have no value like cars, jewelry, clothes, etc. But you certainly need food to survive where I digress from the tip above. Eat organic, vegetables and fruits more often. Education is important. So be a voracious reader!

Advertising Review

I woke up rather early this morning, check emails and then went back to sleep and woke up again around 8:45am to have breakfast and and then it is working time by my trusty laptop of 8 years. I love blogging and would not trade it for any other hobby. As I got up from bed, I was trolling the internet and found king kong advertising review, where you can clickk on the link to find out more information.

King Kong was listed on Seek, an Australian website with many positive reviews to work here digitally. Employees are happy and apparently they are well remunerated too. Money is very impportant; it can bring your health back, buy you more links, bring you friends, and many more to do your business seamlessly.

And to bring more money, you need to invest part of it in advertising like the reputable King Kong Digital Advertising to attract visitors and clients.