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King Kong Sabri Suby

Today is a Sunday, and I shall rest in bed later on. This morning, after breakfast, I decided to troll the internet and found a platform that is cost effective and viable for your digital marketing needs. Check out the customer positive review and feedback from the head honcho himself >> King Kong Sabri Suby. He started from a humble beginning and managed to scale up his business in digital marketing from zero to $10 million in 4 years. This is a phenomenal success and he is based in Australia. Just check out on the link above with a Youtube video showing more information.

Advertisement and digital marketing are the lifeblood of your business and you cannot discount the fact that you need to allocate some funds for marketing, website maintenance, and development in equal portions.

Social Blade – Find Instagram Influencers

To find Instagram Influencers, you need sites like Social Blade which shows the relevant data. This site is useful, especially those doing Shopify or any other ecommerce sites selling online. I am still in the learning process and patience is a virtue. This is so true in any endeavours or venture you are doing – be it studying, business, etc and not get panicky easily. There is always a solution to every problem. You need to be persistent and not give up easily. There are so many apps that you can use and one can be overwhelmed if not focused. Don’t waste time going for karoake or binge drinking with friends till you get drunk.