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Online Agency Reviews

You don’t have to be an ‘A’ student to succeed in life. Usually ‘A’ students for work ‘C’ students who become their boss. I am a little tired from visiting dad in hospital due to a heart attack and now woke up to blog and update it here. I was browsing the web when I came across King Kong online agency reviews, where you can click on the link to find out more information.

Employees have rated 5 stars working at King Kong Digital Marketing Agency. You can read up about the man who started it all from zero to making $10 million in 4 short years doing digital marketing online. Sabri Suby is a man of vision and he is the person behind the phenomenal success of King Kong Digital Marketing Agency. Well, the results speak for themselves.

Dad in Hospital for a Heart Attack

Dad was in General Hospital for 5 days that we waited to get an ECG test, but he was bypassed because the hospital ‘don’t have enough’ nurses to carry him and take him for the test. That was early in the morning yesterday when only 1 male nurse was in charge. When 4 of us went there and able to help him for the test, they said the slot was no longer available.

So, in the end, youngest sister booked a private St. John’s ambulance to fetch dad to a private hospital that I don’t wish to disclose for privacy sake and immediately he went to A & E unit, where they did the dressing for him, etc. and I paid the $4k deposit using my credit card. Dad was so much happier now and he even joked. Such a big difference from being ‘lifeless’ to joking.

Eventually he has to go for open heart surgery at a ripe age of 80 as one of his heart valves was not functioning and needs repair.

From zero to $10 million in four years

The Sydney Morning Herald published an interesting article about Sabri who make from zero to $10 million in 4 short years! Check out more information at kingkong.com.au review. This is a success story that people want to read and get motivated to take action and use Sabri’s services of digital marketing to reach a wider audience.

Never overlook the power of the internet to reach the masses and global audience using simple tricks and actions. You could either do it yourself or get a professional who has done it and gone through the ropes to do it for you. King Kong’s model works by developing a profitable sales funnel using social media. Now, this is some food for thought for you.

Just Came Back from Down South

I just came back from KL by Firefly which is a small propeller plane for domestic flights. We were given a choice of curry puffs or peanuts and drinks like soya, sky juice or orange juice. Arrived there early in the morning to meet clients and for interview. Bought Business Today magazine and Focus as well. Had lunch at Fish and Co and dinner at Subway Sandwich. Feeling a little tired now but need to update this blog and perhaps if I am in the mood, look into my Shopify store. I messed up the categories as I was trying to remove the double menu and in my haste this morning, I make more mistakes. Later have to figure out how to solve this problem as I just changed to a new paid theme. The free Debut theme was easier and more user-friendly.

King Kong SEO

Last night, I booked a flight to KL on Thursday for business and returning the same day late at night. There are 2-3 places to visit and then it is back home again. This morning, I was surfing the web when I came across King Kong SEO where you can click on the link to find out more information. This guy is superb! He went from $0 in His Bedroom to $4 Million in 2 Years as a marketer of King Kong.

Sabri Subri is a man of action and his results speak for themselves. For any business to survive, you need to do some form of marketing or get an expert who has done it to market your websites, e-commerce, etc for you, relieving you time to do other more important stuffs. Time is money as they say. And the more time you have to yourself or be productive, the more you earn. Also, don’t sleep too much (myself included), or you may come to poverty; without working hard.

13 Reasons You are Not as Successful as You Should Be

The infographic is self-explantory, but here, I shall highlight a few of them. One of them is Laziness. Yes, most people wake up late and do nothing to keep their brains active or work with their hands to prevent poverty. It is easier to just tuck in bed under your silk duvet and turn on the air-con instead of trundle out of bed, have early breakfast and get to work! Most people dream of success, but the rich ones are the only people working their butts off. Most will dream of success and even envy the rich, but still they do nothing about it and prefer to laze around, expecting parents or the Government to feed them, while they merely exists.

The other one is Fear! I am also guilty of this; like fear of failure, etc. Don’t ever let fear come into your life for it may become a reality. God works by faith which is the opposite of fear. Have faith that you can do it and read up to learn new skills. Rome was not built in a day! It takes years of learning and practice to get to where you are today. Personally, I have a fear of programming because I could not troubleshoot. Hence, my challenge is to over come this fear and slowly pick up the pieces and put them into a jigsaw puzzle.

Stay away from Negative people who may put you down or destroy your confidence! They could even be your close friends, in-laws or relatives who feel inferior and try to put you down instead to feel superior and a sense of power over you. These parasites are to be avoided at all costs!

You need to set goals and resolutions for the year. No goals means no action taken and you will vegetate away. You need to set goals to keep yourself productively occupied and set plans, desires and purpose in life. Then only living for something or someone you love makes it all the more meaningful. You will enjoy the journey along the way.

Waste time is another factor of the reasons you are not as successful as you should be. Don’t be a time waster by playing games unless you want to destress for a while, but don’t play games to the extent of forgetting to eat, take a bath and play till you drop dead. This had happened to a few professional game players where they are so addicted to computer games that they forget the most important activities in life.

Marketing Reviews

I woke up early this morning and trolled the internet where I found king kong sabri suby. You can click on the link to find out more information. It is a marketing company with results and positive reviews. For any business to survive, you need to allocate some money to advertise which is the lifeblood of your business.

Don’t get complacent and assume people and new visitors will come to your website by chance. Mostly likely they will visit other sites, unless you take action to do some marketing for more revenue. The link above has shown proven results with customer’ and employees’ positive reviews. Now, this is what I call smart outreach and advertising.